Introducing WizeCare.

The all in one solution for telehealth rehabilitation at home.

moveai ipad.png
Movement detection by mobile camera. No kinect. No wearables.
WizeCare MoveAI™ technology empowers any mobile device to analyze patients’ skeletal movements and score them in real-time, providing patients the ability to perform exactly as their clinician expects them to do and improve their performance using WizeCare’s in-action intelligent movement guidance. No need for Kinect camera. No need for wearable sensors.


WizeCare MoveAI™ technology runs artificial intelligent algorithms over any simple 2D mobile camera, and provides patients with Kinect-like movement detection, in addition to real-time improvement guiding. The biggest difference with our technology is Kinect is not needed.



WizeCare MoveAI™ technology breaks the familiar external devices barriers when it comes to patients’ movement analysis in the patients’ homes. We pave the way to scale physical rehabilitation and injury prevention at home.