How Virtual Health PT Can Benefit Employers.

Virtual Health PT is the leader in delivering high quality Virtual Physical Therapy to corporations big and small. Each employee will receive a personalized plan of care based on the nature of their injury or pain. The employer receives objective data on the compliance and success of the employee during the treatment process, giving the ability to provide accountability for each case. The continuous increase in medical spending and labor costs are major factors of concern for employers today.

In in the United States, injuries resulting in at least one day away from work (DAFW) in private industries were 900,380 cases. Out of these injuries requiring DAFW, 308,630, or 35% of them were sprains, strains, and tears. These sprains, strains, and tears resulting in DAWF are injuries that can be prevented and/or healed through physical therapy. However, many people don't have the time to take out of their day to go to physical therapy, causing many of these injuries to get progressively worse and result in multiple doctors visits, or even surgery.

Not only do these injuries make it hard physically, it also hurts employees/employers financially. In 2017, the total work injury cost in the United States was $161.5 billion. This means that it was about $1,100 per worker. The cost per worker means that is is the value of goods or services the person must produce to offset the cost of injury. 
















It is our goal at Virtual Health PT to minimize the DAFW for employees. Through the guidance of our licensed physical therapists, Virtual Health PT can help employees create individualized physical therapy plans to help prevent and treat their injuries. Along with this, we can save employees time and money by giving them the ability to complete their PT from their office. 


With Virtual Health PT employers can achieve the following:

- Improve overall health of employees

- Decrease cost of Workmen's Compensation premiums 

- Increase productivity 

- Decrease of DAFW (days away from work)

- Improve employee satisfaction 

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