Our Story


After spending 20 years in a multi-clinic private Physical Therapy practice, various factors made it apparent that a new modality was greatly needed. As I noticed the many changing trends and advancements in healthcare, I began to brain storm for better and faster ways to meet the needs of my existing and future patients. Virtual Health PT, the result of my research and brainstorming, recognized a PT platform dedicated to treating musculoskeletal injuries using the latest protocols and technology while providing the convenience and immediacy of telemedicine was needed. After many conversations with friends, family and patients, many who would call and ask for ways to quickly and correctly address minor injuries. This led us to recognize that PT in a virtual format can be very beneficial.

Meet Our Therapists

Jared Goldstein

Jared Goldstein is the owner and founder of Virtual Health PT. He has been practicing physical therapy for over 20 years in an outpatient sports medicine setting and has had over three years in telemedicine experience. Jared has worked to provide development in telemedicine platforms to create a focus on employee health and well-being. It is his goal to provide employers with a service to offer their employees to help treat their injuries and reduce days away from work, which will benefit the employer and employee.

Kayla Matuszewski graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2016 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She has been practicing physical therapy since in a variety of orthopedic settings. Kayla has worked with many companies to improve ergonomics and employee wellness. In the past year she began to hone in on her telemedicine skills. Kayla truly enjoys helping people overcome their injuries in the best and most efficient way.  Helping patients get back to work and their active lifestyle. 

Kayla Matuszewski