Patient Testimonials


Virtual Health PT was really easy to use, I loved their system. My back started feeling much better after the first visit. The program they prescribed for me, got me back to full strength and activity quicker than any other time I hurt my back. Thank you Virtual Health PT. It was so cool to see the best way to do my exercises right on my iPad in real time.

-Richard W


I am very grateful to VHPT. I injured myself on a Tuesday, began my care the next day. Within a week I was back to doing all my job duties with no pain. I still do my exercises just to avoid re-injury.  I learned so much in talking with my physical therapist.

-Michelle H


My company started using Virtual Health PT a few months ago, not only did it benefit me but many of my co-workers as well. I had 8/10 knee pain throughout my day. After meeting with my physical therapist and learning some exercises and making a few changes my pain is little to none. 

-Jason C