Using cutting edge technology to prevent

and address injuries for employers.

Virtual Health PT is ready to save your company money

while improving productivity. 

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Virtual Health PT and Employers

It's time to take charge of your musculoskeletal disorder (MSDs) and keep you in work. Virtual Health PT is dedicated to helping employers save money from injury and helping employees stay in work.

Providing you with physical therapy from musculoskeletal experts.

Virtual Health PT is a leader in telemedicine providing physical therapy to companies across the United States.  

Virtual Health PT uses an innovative telehealth platform unlike any other. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to cut down time and money required for worker’s compensation claims.

As highly skilled physical therapists, we as a company, understand how injuries impact productivity in the workplace and also diminish employee morale

When your employees have access to Virtual Health PT, they will be provided with efficient and high quality care from some of the leading physical therapists in the country.

WizeCare Partnership

WizeCare MoveAI™ technology introduces a new way to help patients achieve their physical therapy goals. It also allows our physical therapists to help their patients better by making sure they are completing all exercises correctly to see results. 

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